• Dear Parents/Guardians and Geniuses,

    Welcome to Kindezi at Gideons! It is an honor and a privilege to embark upon this new journey with you and your genius, and to serve as your principal.  The vision for Kindezi at Gideons is to prepare every genius for next-level success. Our hope is that all geniuses will be empowered to set and attain goals. No matter where our geniuses go, or even when they may go, Kindezi at Gideons geniuses will go forth with the confidence, beliefs, expectations, and skills that enable them to be successful. 

    This year, Kindezi at Gideons will continue to focus on laying a strong foundation for its future. Kindezi at Gideons will reset expectations and structures for curriculum and instruction, genius culture, and staff performance. Our focus for all geniuses, parents, teachers, and administrators will be establishing a common, consistent approach that provides high levels of support to assist us in meeting our goals. We believe that our family-sized classes, differentiated instruction, and focus on the whole child will serve as the building blocks as we work to lay this foundation.  Additionally, we have committed a great deal of time to equipping our teachers for serving the needs of every genius.  Our teachers are committed to doing what is best for children, while working alongside you as co-laborers in bringing out the best in your children.

    At Kindezi, we truly do believe that it takes a village to raise every child. As parents/guardians, you are a vital and necessary part of our village, and we look forward to working alongside you to prepare your genius for success. Please take some time to review the contents of this document for it will serve as a guide for managing our students.  Once you have read it, the expectation is that you sign it as a way of saying that you and your child understand our expectations and will abide by these expectations during the course of the year.

    Let’s make it a great year!


    Sequoia Swinger , Principal