• Black History Month

    Black history month is a special time to honor our past and revisit our vision for the future.

    Let's take some time to relearn and CELEBRATE our history.

    Check out Biography's Black History information.  Find 366 Fast Facts about African American history. 
    Make some important decisions just as our ancestors did by determining their trip on the road to freedom.
    Learn the moving story of the journey of the African slaves.  What would you find if the Atlantic ever dried up?
    Did you know that February is also American Heart Month (Heart Health Month)?
    Learn about some of the heart health issues affecting the African-American community.  Click here
    Do yourself and your student a favor, go get a check-up!
    To find a clinic that offers free services, please click here(Note: These services are not approved or endorsed by our school or school district, they are just offered as a resource.)