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    Brown Middle School GO Team Members



    Email Address


    Tiauna Crooms

    1yr tcrooms@atlanta.k12.ga.us Principal
    Rosalyn Triplett 2yrs rtriplett@atlanta.k12.ga.us Chair
    Nicole Brodie 2yrs Nicole.Brodie@atlanta.k12.ga.us Secretary
    Justin Crowder 2yrs jcrowder@atlanta.k12.ga.us Vice Chair
    Kelli Stewart 2yrs kellistewart@atlanta.k12.ga.us Community Rep
    Felicia Josey 2yrs fdjosey@atlanta.k12.ga.us Parent Rep
    Ryan Maltese 2yrs ryan.maltese@atlanta.k12.ga.us Community Rep
    Davida Reed 3yrs Davida.Reed@atlanta.k12.ga.us Parent Rep
    Portia Jackson 2yrs ppjackson@atlanta.k12.ga.us Teacher Rep
    Nikki Bivins 2 yrs nbivens@atlanta.k12.ga.us Parent Rep


    Meeting Schedule




    Public Comment

    July 25,2016

    Conference Room



    October 6,2016

    Conference Room



    November 3,2016

    Conference Room



    December 1,2016

    January 19,2017

    Conference Room

    Conference Room 






    Tentative Budget Meeting 

    February 2, 2017

    Media Center


    Budget Voting Open Meeting
    March 2, 2017 Conference Room 5:30pm Cancelled
    May 4, 2017 Conference Room 5:30pm Cancelled



    Brown's Public Comment Format

    In compliance with Section 3.4. from the GO Team Local Governance School handbook the Brown Middle School GO Team has voted and approved the following dates


    July 25,2016 (completed)

    February 2, 2017

    March 2, 2017  

    May 4, 2017

    BMS GO Team will have 4 opportunities for public comment in a school/fiscal year and noted on the meeting agenda.


    Public comment opportunities are available for the BMS GO Team to hear from interested members of the community.


    The BMS GO Team has determined a consistent method for receiving public comments and for parents and other citizens to sign up to address the team for at least 20 minutes of time to the public to make comments.


    Public forum participant based on 1st come 1st serve (10 max) with 2 min. limit (20 minutes)

    Responses will not be answered but will be documented for discussion among BMS GO Team

    Norms of public format will be shared 



    The public will receive at least 2 business days notice of the protocol for signing up to speak. 


    Meeting Agendas

    7-25-16 Meeting Agenda (click to read)  

    10-20-16 Meeting Agenda( click to read)

    12-01-16 Meeting Agenda (click to read)

    01-19-17 meeting Agenda (click to read)  

    4-14-17 Meeting Agenda (click to read) 


    Meeting Minutes 


    BMS GO TEAM MEETING MINUTES 7/25/16 (click to read) 

    BMS GO TEAM Meeting Minutes 10/20/16

    BMS GO TEAM Meeting Minutes 12/1/16 ( Click to read) 

    BMS GO Team Budget Meeting Minutes (click to read)  

    BMS GO Team Meeting Minutes2/2/17


    BMS Approved FY18 School Budget 


    GO-Team Newsletters 

    October Newsletter 

    December Newsletter 

    For information about GO Teams and GO Team resources, please visit the District GO Team website by clicking on the picture below.

    GO Teams District Site