School social workers serve as link between the home, school, and community. They work to ensure that students remain in school and graduate, reach their fullest academic potential, and grow socially and emotionally. As part of the educational team, social workers support students’ thriving in schools by removing barriers that interfere with their performance.

    School social workers have expertise in many areas; including human growth and development, effects of family and environmental factors on students’ approach to learning, conflict resolution, and school safety crisis support. They are professionally trained to provide services to students who face serious challenges to school success such as:

    • mental health and behavior difficulties
    • access to basic necessities
    • traumatic stress
    • discrimination
    • abuse
    • addiction
    • loss of a loved one
    • truancy and chronic absenteeism
    • homeless education support

    Students may be referred for problems and concerns that affect their academic achievement and social-emotional wellbeing. Parents, legal guardians, school personnel or others familiar with the student may refer to the school social worker; or a student may refer themselves.