GO Teams

  • Who's on a GO Team?

     Who's On GO Team


  • What will GO Teams do?
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    Approve the school’s strategic plan.
    Approve the school’s budget recommendation.
    Participate in the hiring and evaluation of the school’s principal.

  • How will this benefit our schools?
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    Educators, parents, and community members now have a stronger voice in decisions at their schools.
    GO Teams help to ensure students get what they need and increase collaboration with neighboring schools.
    Budgets are developed based on the need of each local school.
    How can I get involved?
    Parents, educators & community members interested in serving on a GO Team will have opportunities to fill vacant seats throughout the year. Check with your neighborhood school or this website to find out when the next election will be held.
    CLICK HERE to submit your information to the Community Bank. You will be contacted when there is a vacancy in your area.