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VOTE NOW in GO Team Elections! Links have been emailed, texted, and/or mailed. Questions? goteam@apsk12.org or 404-802-2885

  • GO Team Elections

    Vote for your GO Team Representatives

    May 6-16


    Voting is EASY - just click the link, choose your candidate(s), confirm your choices, and submit your vote!

    We have almost 250 GO Team candidates for the 2021 elections!  Ballot links have been sent to households of APS students through 2 of the following methods by May 6: email, text message, and/or mailed letter.  APS staff will receive their link through their APS email address.  If you have not received your link, please email or call the GO Team Office (goteam@apsk12.org or 404-802-2885). Find out more about the candidates for your school here or click the button below.

    Questions?  Email us.
Interested in serving on a GO Team in a community member seat? Sign up here:

Community Member Sheet Interest Form

Not sure what a GO Team is? Visit the FAQs to learn more.