• TRIAD Model

    The Atlanta Public Schools Police Department will offer more efficient and effective internal operations and support resources to employees that will foster safe, orderly teaching and learning environments. The district is hiring individuals who philosophically align with the district’s social emotional learning approach, and a national TRIAD model that involves law enforcement officers serving as informal counselors and educators to accomplish this mission. SROs will have staffing assignments and focused training to achieve the district’s safety objectives.


    Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Atlanta Public Schools has made Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) a district priority. SEL is the ability to control your emotions and actions, develop good relationships, and make good decisions. The district is training teachers and other staff on these proven SEL approaches to address social behaviors and self-awareness among themselves and our students. As the district looks at improving the ways it can better educate and prepare students from this standpoint, it is appropriate to have an in-house Police Department that aligns with this priority while it provides security and protection for students and staff.