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    The Gifted and Talented Program in the Atlanta Public School System provides differentiated instruction for the intellectually advanced and creatively gifted students.  Gifted services are available for all eligible students in grades kindergarten through grade 12.  

    At Sylvan, all students identified as Gifted by the state of Georgia receive their Gifted services by taking all Advanced Content courses in ELA, Math, and Science.  These course are taught at the most rigorous level and embed the Gifted standards in the instruction to allow for advanced critical thinking, communication, creativity, analytical and research skills. 

    In addition to Gifted identified students, our Advanced Content courses also serve high-achieving students who are not identified as Gifted.  These students are identified based on their academic performance and lexile scores and placed in these courses as Talent Development students. 

    During the school year, Gifted 6th & 7th grade students receive services in advance content in their science classes.  The 8th grade Gifted students receive services in advance content in ELA and Math. 


    The window to request a parent referral for Gifted Eligibility Testing this school year is open from September 1 through September 30. Please visit these links for:

    1) Parent Referral Informational Video

    2) Frequently Asked Questions with Answers (en Espanol)


    Travel Updates for Gifted Students

    GATE occasionally plans trips for students serviced by the Gifted Department.  Any communication received will be emailed to parents and posted here, on the Sylvan Hills Middle School website!

    Sylvan Hills Middle School

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