• Coronavirus Updates  


    Now that more staff are returning in person, our Health Services Department and Data and Information Group will be launching an updated COVID-19 dashboard online for APS that reports the number of positive COVID-19 cases and exposures in our schools and buildings. The new dashboard will be launched on Friday, January 22.


    COVID-19 Public Health Data 

    14-Day Case Rate Category: HIGH*

    Trend: INCREASING**


    *HIGH Case Rate Category means that there are over 100 cases per 100k reported.

    The Department of Public Health uses the descriptors below to designate 14-Day Case Rate Category, commonly referred to as the level of community transmission:

      • High: >100 cases/100K
      • Moderately high: >50-100 cases/100K
      • Moderate: >10-50 cases/100K
      • Low: >0-10 cases/100K
      • Less than 5 cases reported, rate not calculated


    **INCREASING Trend indicates a greater than 5% change in the number of new cases

  • This report is generated by Atlanta Public Schools using data aggregated from the Georgia Department of Public Health. It includes Atlanta Public Schools COVID-19 case data for the week ending 12/04/20:

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.


    These are links to COVID-19 Data Sources that help inform the District’s decisionmaking:


    Georgia Department of Public Health

    • County Indicator Reports


    The data in this report can be used to assess the extent of COVID-19 community transmission and recent trends by county.


    • COVID-19 Daily Status Report


    The daily status reports contain information reported to DPH on the total number of COVID-19 tests, confirmed COVID-19 cases (PCR positive), ICU admissions, hospitalizations, and deaths attributed to COVID-19. These data are based on available information at the time of the report and may not reflect all cases or tests performed in Georgia. The maps included show the number, levels of community transmission (spread) over 14 days and rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases, and percent positive PCR tests by county of residence. Charts present the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases, deaths, PCR tests, and percent positive PCR tests over time. This chart is meant to aid understanding of whether the outbreak is growing, leveling off, or declining and can help to guide the COVID-19 response.


    Fulton County Board of Health

    • Epidemiology Reports


    The Fulton County Board of Health Epidemiology Report features weekly data regarding cases of COVID-19 in the County. This report is updated three times a week to give our community transparency on our current cases and help residents stay aware of the effects of COVID-19 in their area. The report visualizes daily COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths over time, across each region of Fulton County, including a colorized heat map to visualize the number of COVID-19 cases per square mile in relation to Fulton County ZIP codes.


    DeKalb County Board of Health

    • COVID-19 Cases in DeKalb County & Epidemiology Reports



    Atlanta COVID-19 Dashboard


    • The Atlanta COVID-19 Dashboard is a weekly data-driven summary used to inform City of Atlanta COVID-19 reopening decisions, to educate the public on key indicators being used for decision-making, and to ensure transparency on our progress towards a safer and healthier Atlanta.
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