APS Band Use of Henderson and Lakewood Stadiums

  • The following procedures have been put in place to ensure the safety of band members, coaches, fans, and student-athletes. All performing groups should adhere to the following:

    1. Each band is allowed two non-APS employee chaperones per bus. No exceptions.
    2. Additional student helpers are allowed, as long as they are easily identifiable.
    3. Bands can perform the National Anthem from the track/stands if they arrive in time to play at the designated time set by the white hat official. If the band has not arrived by the time the official has requested the National Anthem, it will be played from the press box.
    4. At both Lakewood and Henderson Stadiums, the home band will sit in the stands closest to the scoreboard and the visitor band will sit in the stands at the end opposite of the scoreboard.
    5. If bands have not arrived by kickoff, they will enter the stadium on the side where they sit in the stands.
    6. All parents, boosters, chaperones, and volunteers must sit in the stands during the game.
    7. Bands should play in the stands only when their team has the ball. No bands should play before the snap. If a band is playing and the team is about to snap the ball, the band should decrescendo as not to distract the athletes.
    8. The entire halftime is allotted for band performance. When halftime is complete, bands must be off the field and track and return back to their designated area in the stands. If a band remains on the field after halftime has concluded, officials can impose a penalty on the football team of the performing school.
    9. When halftime is over, the drumlines for each band may meet in the far corner of the stadium at Lakewood or grassy area near that 10th Street corner at Henderson to perform for 10 minutes.
    10. For games scheduled first, bands will exit the stands with four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter on the game clock. For the second game and standalone games, at the immediate conclusion of the game, bands will perform one school song (i.e., Fight Song, Alma Mater) and then, wait for an indication from security as to when the band can exit the stands. The bands will exit and directly board the buses, which will be waiting curbside.
    11. Bands performing at Henderson Stadium should not play as they are entering or exiting the stadium on the 8th Street side. 
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