School Zone Speed Safety Camera Program

  • Atlanta Public Schools in partnership with the City of Atlanta announces the adoption of its school zone speed safety program for multiple schools across the district. These schools are a portion of only 22 currently authorized by the City of Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). The program will be implemented in multiple phases but will first launch at the following school sites:

    • R. N. Fickett Elementary School
    • Kindezi at Gideons Elementary School
    • Burgess-Peterson Academy
    • Kimberly Elementary School
    • Miles Elementary School
    • Continental Colony Elementary School
    • Drew Charter Schools
    • Morris Brandon Elementary School (Main Campus)
    • Cleveland Avenue Elementary School
    • E. Rivers Elementary School

    School Zone Speed Safety Program Purpose

    The school zone speed safety program is designed to reduce the number of violations, crashes, and injuries caused by motorists speeding. The objective of the program is to slow motorists down and change driver behavior, making the community safer as drivers obey the posted speed limits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the warning period begin?

  • When does the warning period end making the School Zone Speed Safety Program active?

  • Hours of operation

  • When do violations occur?

  • Who receives the violation?

  • Who is responsible for processing the violation?

  • How much are the fines?

  • How do I pay the fine?

  • What If I lost my notice of violation?

  • When will my school receive the School Zone Speed Safety Program?

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