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    Welcome to the Atlanta Virtual Academy Guidance Counselor and Grad Coach Resource Center! This page will help answer the most frequently asked questions concerning supporting your students who will take or are taking virtual classes via AVA.  
    Profile Of A Virtual Learner 
    Online courses provide a wonderful opportunity to today's 21st century learner. However, not every middle and high school student makes a good candidate for online classes. As you consider what students to enroll into AVA courses, take the Virtual Learner Profile below into consideration. These are typical traits of a student that would likely do well in an online environment.

    Is the student:

    • Good at typing/keyboarding?
    • Self-motivated and self-disciplined?
    • Aware that online education is time consuming?
    • Aware that online learning gets easier after they get used to it?
    • Able to "see the big picture" and breakdown their work accordingly?

    Can the student:

    • Work from written directions?
    • Communicate well through writing?
    • Think ideas through before they write/respond?
    • Learn without the face-to-face interactions found in traditional classrooms?
    • Accept critical thinking and decision making as part of the learning process?
    Does the student:

    • Complete assignments on time?
    • Set goals and take responsibility
    • Have a learning style that is conducive to online learning
    • Know your technical skills and technical limitations.
    Will the student:

    • Participate regularly?
    • Apply what you learn?
    • Log on to your course every day?
    • Speak up immediately if you have having problems.
    • Have patience and back up plans in case of technical difficulties? 
    Registration and Enrollment Process
     How to register students for AVA
     Monitoring Student Progress
     Genius SIS

    Counselors and Graduation Coaches can monitor the progress of AVA students by using the Genius SIS platform. Your login credentials for Genius were provided to you by AVA Program Manager Natosha Holley. The Genius SIS platform will provide you with very help analytics concerning student progress including current average, pacing, level of activity and students who are most at risk. You will also have access to global communications sent to students from AVA faculty and staff.
     Genius SIS
    Contacting AVA Staff

    It is also important to stay in contact with the AVA teacher of record for important updates on student progress. Counselors and Graduation Coaches can expect regular communication from AVA teachers to both share progress updates and requests for support in contacting students and parents. Establishing and fostering strong partnerships between AVA faculty and local school staff is essential to facilitating student success.

    NOTE: AVA "Beyond the Day" Adjunct teachers maintain office hours during the evening as most are full-time classroom teachers throughout the district during the school day. Email the best method of contact. Full-time AVA teachers are can be reached during the school day via phone or email. 
    Dropping Students From Courses
     Dropping students from courses