• General Program FAQs
    Atlanta Virtual Academy Questions:
    What Browser should students use?
    A. Chrome is the preferred browser.
    B. However, for some Science and Math courses in Edgenuity using the online simulation tool Gizmo for Virtual labs, Internet Explorer is to be used.
    Students are having problems opening the eClassroom.

    A. Make sure students are using Chrome.
    B. Make sure Java has been updated.
    C. Make sure client launcher is downloaded AND installed.
    D. Make sure pop-up blocker is disabled. 
    What software/Browser Plug-ins are required for AVA courses?
    Are students able to work on the Course from their cell phone, tablet or iPad?

    Students need the correct software/Browser Plug-ins to work on the course from a cell phone or tablet or iPad. Refer to the question above. 
    The student is unable to login their course?
    Contact the school counselor.  
    Science and Math students’ labs are not working properly. Any suggestions?

    If the lab uses a Gizmo program, then Internet Explorer must be used. In addition, make sure the student has downloaded Shockwave; Flash and Java must be up-to-date. 
    Is this a Milestone Course?

    Contact local School Counselor for information. 
    How does a student know if they are making sufficient progress?

    Generally, students should complete 7% of the course each week. For example: By the end of AVA’s 1st week, students should have completed 7% of their work. Students should refer to Progress Bar on their Edgenuity’s™ Dashboard to determine how much progress they have made in the course. 
    What if the student has not completed 7% of the work during a week or had a late start date?

    Being an AVA student allows the student to access their AVA course 24 hours per day. Students should utilize as much time outside the lab that is needed in order to catch up/move ahead within the course and will need to exceed the 7% goal in order to get on pace. 
    What happens if students do not keep up with the pace on the pace chart?

    The pace chart is a terrific tool which will allow students to complete their course in a timely manner and meet the course completion deadline without stress. By working each day during their lab time and completing the required weekly assignments students should be able to maintain their pace. If students are unable to maintain the pace as indicated on the pace chart they should first contact their virtual teacher and discuss any concerns. If students are struggling with any issue, their AVA teacher will be happy to work with them towards their success. 
    What should a student do if they cannot make contact with the AVA teacher?

    The AVA teachers are available by eClassrsoom, phone and email. AVA instructors are also available in the eClassroom 8:30 to 4:00 Monday-Friday. When attempting to contact AVA instructors, please remind students to always leave their first and last name, the name of the course you they taking, a best phone number and best time to reach them. Students should continue working in their course until the AVA instructor can contact them back. Instructors will return emails and voicemails within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).
    What should a student do if they are dropped from a class?

    If a student is dropped from a course without desiring to be dropped, they should contact their guidance counselor or Credit Recovery Site Administrator (whichever applies) assistance.
    What should a student do when they have finished a course?

    When students are finished with a course, they may need some direction as to the next steps to take. The student should inform the facilitator of completion and the facilitator will encourage the student to remain engaged in learning.
    The following steps may be taken for students who have finished a class.
    • Contact student’s guidance counselor and advise that student has finished course. 
    • If requested by guidance, send the student to the guidance counselor to add another course or to inquire of further action if another course is not needed.
    • If another course is to be added assist student in requesting the course.
    • While course is pending encourage students to utilize lab time to study for other courses and/or complete homework from other classes.
    • Students may start on their SAT or ACT Test Prep course. 
    Does students with disabilities receive services from Atlanta Virtual Academy?
    Yes. Georgia Virtual School will not discriminate against any qualified individual on the basis of disability. It is the responsibility of the home school to ensure that the system meets all requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504. The current Individualized Education Program or 504 Plan must be provided to Atlanta Virtual Academy by the local school system. Atlanta Virtual Academy will follow all applicable provisions in the IEP or 504 Plan. However, there may be some provisions that can not be implemented. In such a case, the home school must determine whether Atlanta Virtual Academy is an appropriate placement