• Who Can Edit Our Site?

    Great question!  Surprisingly, this question is not asked enough or at the best time in the site building or editing process.  But it's never too late to ask all the right questions.

    Short Answer

    Anyone with permission from the school/principal/office can edit the school website.  It is important for parent volunteers, and contractors to have a written agreement when doing such work.  You can not fire someone who is not hired.  If you provide subsite director permissions to non-APS staff, your content and data will be at the mercy of all persons that have this level of access.

    Relax.  For the most part, people mean well, and it is a good idea to seek assistance from whom ever is willing.  Simply ensure that you articulate your expectations, and have the support of your administration.  Remember, it is the responsibility of the communications ambassador to manage user permissions for their respective schools and offices.  Once users have registered at the APS home site, they can be granted user permissions for any school or office site.

    If you need assistance, please contact your district site administrator, Lindsey Sim Jordan Jr at 404-802-2511 or lsjordan@atlanta.k12.ga.us.