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Phone: 404-802-2500


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science, Microbiology - Metropolis Univ.Master of Science, Pre Med - Gotham Univ.Master of Education, Educational Technology - Metropolis Univ.Master of Business Administration - Kansas State UniversityDoctor of Philosophy - Central City University

Dr. Lex Luthor

Luthor's originally stated goals were to kill Superman and to take over Earth as a stepping stone to dominating the universe. In addition to using his technological prowess to trump Superman's abilities, Luthor showed himself to be a master of disguise, adopting all manner of wigs and aliases. Although none of his attempts to kill Superman worked permanently (though one classic non-canonical story from the 1960s entitled The Death of Superman has Luthor finally killing Superman after lulling him by pretending to go straight), Luthor's persistence has made him Superman's most troublesome foe.

More Abour our Fearless Leader

  • Other people may see Superman as the greatest hero the world has ever known—a benevolent being with tremendous power, a strange visitor here to help. But one man sees him as something else entirely: a threat—a creature whose very existence hinders humanity, preventing it from ever reaching its true potential.


Community Discussion

  • Kryptonian Ban

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    We understand that the ban on Kryptonian students is a sensative topic for many of our school body.  Please, let's discuss our rational behind our latest safety and security policies.

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  • Principal Statue Dedication

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    We want to know what you think about the statue of your fearless leader, Dr. Lex Luthor that has been erected in the main courtyard of the school campus.

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