District Teacher Referral Campaign


Calling all Full-Time APS Employees: You don’t want to miss this opportunity to earn extra cash and incentives!

We are looking for talented, dedicated teachers to join Team APS. If you know someone who may be a great fit for APS, you could earn $500 for referring him or her (if he or she is hired)!

See below for details AND complete the referral form.

Who’s Eligible:

  • Current APS full-time employees, with the exception of school administrators and HR staff, who refer a certified teacher candidate who is hired as a special education or CTAE teacher for 2019-20 school year.

  • This incentive is payable to the first 25 special education or CTAE teacher hires for school year 2019-20, between June 21st and July 29th.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Referred candidates must apply for the position(s) online at www.apsrecruits.us and meet the minimum qualifications on the job posting(s).

  • Referred candidates must be certified by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and deemed “in-field” for their special education or CTAE teacher assignment.

  • Referred candidate must receive an offer letter from HR for a special education or CTAE teacher position, sign a contract for the 2019-20 school year and successfully pass fingerprint background check.

  • This incentive is limited to the first 25 special education or CTAE teacher hires, as determined by the onboarding document completion noted in the HR system of record.
  • Referred teacher candidates cannot currently be under contract with another Georgia school district.


There are two (2) incentives for referrals:

  • Incentive 1: Individual Incentives
  • School-based staff will earn a $500.00 one-time payment for the first twenty-five (25) referrals (submitted through the official form) who are hired as a CTAE or special education teacher between June 21st - July 29th.
  • **This incentive is limited to the first 25 special education teacher or CTAE hires. To be determined by the date in which the new hire signs a contract, successfully passes APS background check and pre-hire credential validation.
  • Incentive 2: School-Based Incentives
  • The school with the most referrals for ANY teacher position (regardless of content area) by July 30thth will receive an all-staff breakfast

Refer Now

Referral Procedure

  • All referrals must be submitted via the official referral program form at https://tinyurl.com/APSReferrals . Referrals submitted to any other person or team (i.e. a school leader, leadership team, or grade team) or through another forum (e.g. email or text) are not eligible.

  • The first person to submit a candidate's name will receive the $500 incentive. If someone refers a candidate who is already referred to a position during the same academic year, they are ineligible for an incentive.

  • Only one staff member can get “credit” for each referral. Multiple staff members cannot write their name on a referral form to split an incentive.

  • The $500.00 incentive is payable to the first 25 special education teacher or CTAE (Career Technical & Engineering) hires for school year 2019-20, hire between June 21st - July 29th (hire credit will be based on the onboarding date of the new hire)

Referrers in any of the following categories are not eligible for an incentive:

  • Members of the HR Team
  • The hiring manager for that given role
  • School-Based administrators (Principals, Assistant Principals, School Business Managers)

Incentive Payment Details:

  • July 31st for hires between June 21st and July 15th
  • August 15th for hires between July 16th - July 29th
  • July 15, 2019 for hires between May 1, 2019 and June 30, 2019
  • To receive an incentive, the recipient must be an active APS employee on the date of the incentive payment.