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    Amanda Barton

    Music Teacher: Mrs. Amanda Barton

    This year in music, I want the students to come to class ready to learn musical skills that they can use to best express their unique talents. I want the students to be singing and playing their instruments in as many events as possible. Through self-paced learning and constant performances, I hope to empower students to reach their full potential and develop their confidence in front of an audience.
    Check out our Kindergarten Music Videos!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFJUj3VMn3U 
    8/29/13 Select 2nd Grade Students "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars
    9/6/13 Select 5th Grade Students "Home" by Philip Philips
    9/19 PTA Meeting- select 5th Grade Students "Home" by Philip Philips
    10/17 PTA Meeting - 1st Grade Students: "Pick a Pumpkin" and Kindergarten music video debut. Click here to watch:
    11/21 PTA Meeting - Holiday Concert Preview
    12/12 Holiday Concert 6:00pm in the F.A.T.E Auditorium
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