Cleveland Avenue Elementary School is a STEM certified public Title 1 school. CAE student population consists of students in pre-kindergarten through grade five. The faculty, staff and student-body are reflective of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

    Within the community lies the Boys and Girls Club, public library, fire station, and daycare centers that provide before and after school supervision for students. The Cleveland Avenue community supports the school’s goals and objectives. 

    Cleveland Avenue recruits and maintains a highly qualified staff of certified teachers and paraprofessionals. The leadership team consists of: the Principal, Assistant Principal, Instructional Coaches and STEM Specialist. The certified support staff includes: the media specialist, school counselor, school psychologist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, social worker and instructional technology specialist. Additional classified staff members include the school secretary and two parent liaisons. 

    Students attending Cleveland Avenue Elementary School receive culturally enriching experiences through participation in field trip excursions, physical education, Spanish, visual arts,  and music programs. All students are in engaged in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and PBL (Project Based Learning) experience daily.

    Cleveland Avenue Elementary School is a uniform school. All students are expected to wear the school uniform daily, which consists of white tops and navy bottoms. Wearing the school uniform shows cooperation between home and school, team spirit, and willingness on the part of parents and students to follow the leadership of the school in teaching students to conform to standards of decorum and conduct. It is our belief that this level of cooperation allows the school to concentrate more of its efforts on academic achievement.


    Welcome to CAE!