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We are a STEM & STEAM Certified School

"A School With Four Walls...And Tomorrow Inside!"

Welcome to M. Agnes Jones Elementary a STEM + (A) Initiative School!


 School Mantra: "Powered by STEAM... Led by Students"


M. Agnes Jones Elementary School (MAJ) is proud to be the first Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) STEM Certified school in the Atlanta Public Schools system (APS) as well as the first traditional GADOE STEAM and COGNIA STEM Certified in APS! Currently, M. Agnes Jones Elementary School is the only school in the entire state of Georgia that holds all three certifications.. MAJ provides a learning environment that facilitates standards-based instruction through integration of science, technology, engineering, math, social studies and the arts which connects to the world outside the classroom. We provide personalized educational experiences that strengthen the skills, talents, and self-esteem of each individual student. Daily, we demonstrate and reinforce the value and benefit of hard work and foster the belief that each child is capable of being a productive citizen. We recognize that students' needs vary according to background, ability, motivation, and values and that the emotional and physical environment should be conducive to learning. We operate from the premise that learning is a constant process and individuals learn from each of their experiences. We recognize that the school is not the sole influence in our students' education. We believe that education is the combined responsibility of the school, home and community.