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Welcome Letter for Parents

July 1, 2024

It is our sincerest hope that you have had a safe, healthy, and fun summer break. On behalf of the Hutchinson Elementary School Staff, it is truly my pleasure to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to you as we begin the 2024-2025 school year. We look forward to working with you and your child beginning on the first day of school, August 1st. We are certainly hoping for an amazing school year, and we intend to be stronger than ever before.

Your children are in excellent hands, and we are so fortunate to have a dedicated staff and school community. We hope that we continue to work together to create a positive learning environment for our students. Your children receive the best education when you and our dedicated teachers collaborate. We encourage you to contribute your time, talent, commitment, and enthusiasm to inspire children to do their very best, and we will provide an active and engaging learning environment that encourages students to achieve their highest potential. We want to ensure that every student has equal and accessible learning opportunities, and your support and cooperation are key. Here are some ways that you can support your child’s education at Hutchinson Elementary:

  • Make sure your child attends school daily and arrives on time (7:45 am), ready to learn.
  • Ensure your child completes all classwork and homework assignments given by teachers.
  • Have your child read 20-30 minutes daily to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills.
  • Ask your child about their school experiences so that you are aware of his/her school life.

There's a lot of excitement ahead of us, including new teachers/staff to meet, new friendships to nurture, new books to read, and new skills to learn and master. We look forward to you sharing in these exciting times in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Please plan to attend our Open House on Wednesday, July 31, 2024 to meet your child’s teacher, receive resources, and learn about the exciting things we have planned this school year.  The Open House is scheduled from 9 am-11 am Please see the bell schedule for the upcoming year below:

Elementary Bell Schedule for 2024-2025


First Day of School

 School Start Time

Dismissal Time

Pre-K through 5

August 1, 2024


(7:20am for breakfast)


Please take the time from your busy schedule to become familiar with our school. Please follow us on our school website and social media platforms to stay informed. We look forward to an amazing 2024-2025 school year! Thank you for your commitment to your child's education.


Melissa St.Joy


Twitter @APSHutchinson