Our Committment

  • At Hutchinson Elementary School, we believe a positive culture and climate are critical to success. Behavior by all stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, school staff, volunteers, parents, and students, influence our school environment every day!

    Hutchinson Elementary School is committed to best practices associated with Social-Emotional Learning and PBIS. We want to ensure that the community knows how Hutchinson Elementary School will develop, teach, model, and reinforce behavior expectations for all members of our school community.

    APS 5

    As we continue the work to meet the needs of all students at Hutchinson Elementary, please keep our APS 5 in mind. These 5 are the focus areas for the Atlanta Public Schools instructional program

    1. Data
    2. Curriculum and Instruction
    3. Personalized learning
    4. Whole Child/Intervention
    5. Signature Programming

Hutchinson Elementary School Pledge

  • As I pass through the doors of Hutchinson each day, I will strive to do my best in every way.

    I am committed to excellence and nothing less because my education is the key to my success.

    I respect myself and those who sit beside me.

    I respect myself and those who teach and guide me.

    I will always do my share to show that I care.

    I am proud to be a Hutchinson student, oh yeah!!!