Uniform Policy

The Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron Academy

Dress Code Procedures

In the interest of improved school performance, school safety, and improved student self-esteem, Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron New Beginnings Academy has enacted a school-wide student uniform dress code policy.

1. All students are required to wear uniforms daily.



White, Black, or Gray (Solid Colors Only)

  • Polo/Collared shirts (Long or Short Sleeve)


Khaki Bottoms Tan/Brown (No Sweatpants, jeans, joggers, or leggings)

  • Belts are required (black or brown) (pants will not be permitted to be worn below the waist)


  • No Red or Blue shoes ( No shades/variations of Blue or Red Color allowed- i.e. Crimson, Powder Blue, etc. )


  • Cleats, slippers, flip-flops, slides, and shoes with wheels are not permitted.

Uniforms must also abide by the following guidelines:

1.  Shirts may not reveal any body parts or undergarments.  Therefore, no sheer, sleeveless, or midriff shirts are allowed.

2.  Leggings, jeggings, and jogging pants are not allowed.

3.  Uniforms must be worn at the natural waist and when clothing is large or baggy, belts are required. 

4.  All shoes must be closed-toe and closed-heel.  Red and blue shoes are not acceptable.

5.  Coats, hoodies, and jackets may not be worn inside the building.  Therefore, students may wear long-sleeved white or black undershirts.

6.  No head scarves, bonnets, or bandanas are permissible.

7.  Socks may not contain any illegal or offensive images or words.

2023-2024 Uniform Policy Examples