• Science 

    Instruction for science comes from the Atlanta Public Schools units of study. Additional resources include STEMScopes.

    Science experiments and demonstrations occur weekly in one of the HAES STEM labs. As a part of the Science and Engineering Practices, scholars will develop arguments about how or why the evidence supports an explanation or claim, evidence, and reasoning (C.E.R. grades 3-5) and claims, evidence, and examples (C.E.E. grades K-2).

    Scholars in grades K-5 are expected to utilize science interactive notebooks. Science interactive notebooks are important for many reasons. By using notebooks, scholars model one of the most vital and enduring functions of scientists in all disciplines— recording information, figures, and data. A second reason for maintaining a science interactive notebook is that it provides a ready reference for each unit, as well as a resource to consult for review. The notebook is also a means of communicating with the teacher and parents/guardians. Keeping a notebook also enhances scholars’ writing skills, therefore connecting science with other areas of the curriculum. 

    Scholars should READ scientific and engineering text including tables, charts, diagrams, and graphs from a scientific lens. They should approach their reading with the scientific discipline and concept in mind.

    The Science Fair preparation will begin in September. Pre-K - 5th grade scholars will participate.