3399 Collier Drive, NW

    Atlanta, GA 30331


    Dr. Crystal J. January, Principal


    School colors:  Columbia Blue and Navy Blue

    School mascot:  Trailblazers

    School hours: 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM

    (Scholars may arrive as early as 7:15 AM)

    Twitter: @apshaes

    Instagram: apshaes

    Youtube: HAES Trailblazers


     What makes us special?

    What makes us special?

    We are dedicated to supporting you as we BLAZE WELL for HAES scholars by:

    • Continuing to take BOLD steps to create a high-performing academic and arts-rich learning environment
    • Developing and maintaining a LOVING atmosphere of mutual respect and trust amongst our families and stakeholders
    • Holding each other ACCOUNTABLE for wellness, excellence, and life-learning as we strengthen and sustain a strong partnership with our school community
    • Thriving in our ZEALOUS data-driven, personalized learning practices that provide our scholars with a well-rounded education steeped in STEAM curriculum and whole child interventions
    • Developing EMPATHETIC leaders through a robust, trauma-resilient, social and emotional learning environment
    • Ensuring a collective culture of WELLNESS (Intellectual, Relational, Vocational - Harvard University Center for Wellness & Health Promotion)
    • Fostering a collective culture of EXCELLENCE (APS 5, APS Leader & Teacher Standards of Excellence)
    • Remaining engaged in a collective culture of LIFE-LEARNING (Innovative, Content Experts)