The Virginia-Highland Elementary (VHE) School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is on a mission to enrich the environment and culture of VHE to provide equitable access to excellent education for all students. 

    The PTO Board of elected parents/guardian volunteers, teachers, and principal will fulfill its mission to stakeholders (staff, students, parents/guardians, and community) through fundraising, transparent communication, and student- and teacher-focused programs.

    2024-25 Initiatives

    Educational Tools

    • Software and technology
    • Curriculum
    • Teacher Professional Development
    • Media Center Support
    • Equitable Music Education
    • STEAM Lab Equipment
    • Literary Lab Support

    Staff + Student Support

    • Student Services + Supply Pantry
    • Teacher Appreciation
    • Classroom Stipends
    • Student Scholarships
    • Teacher Grants
    • School Spirit

    Campus Culture

    • Facility Improvements
    • Safety Improvements
    • Special Ways to Make VHE Fun

    2024 Committees

  • Community Engagement

  • Community Engagement

  • Operations

  • Fundraising

  • Communications