• Parent Liaison

    Mamie Jackson


    The Henry Louis Hank Aaron Academy




    Mission Statement

    My goal as a Parent Liaison is to facilitate the sharing of information with parents in order to help them ensure their child's academic success.  As the Parent liaison, I will connect with the families of the Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron New Beginnings Academy with the appropriate resources and materials to meet the needs of our students.  Parent liaisons appreciate cultural diversity and therefore can build successful relationships with their families, which in turn facilitates more effective relationships with staff in the school and community.


    To this end, the Parent Liaison at the Henry Louis Hank Aaron Academy has an overall mission for this school year, the following:

    • To work together with staff members to identify and address concerns of our communities.
    • To support gatherings and meetings among parents within our communities in order to encourage more effective advocacy for their students, networking systems and sharing of information.
    • To help build more confidence among the members of our communities so that they will feel more comfortable visiting our school, communicating with staff members, and participating in school activities, and generally becoming more empowered.


    Mamie Jackson
    Parent Liaison
    Mission Statement:  Through a collaborative partnership with all stakeholders, Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron New Beginnings Academy is a student-centered school of opportunities for equity, academic growth, social-emotional learning, college and career readiness, and success in a 21st-century global economy.
    Vision Statement: A student-centered school that empowers student development in equity,  academics, social-emotional learning, college and career readiness, and community outreach.  

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