• STEM Resources

    Tools Suggested by Mr. Lawler (CHS CTAE/STEM Coordinator):
    1. The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids
    2. STEM Georgia
    3. STEM Resources for Middle and High School Educators
    4. PhEd - https://phet.colorado.edu - Free, interactive, research-based science and mathematics simulations
    5. GPB Fast-Forward Videos

    Tools Suggested by the National Education Association 
    (Source: http://www.nea.org/tools/lessons/stem-resources.html):

    1. (Source:  http://www.nea.org/tools/lessons/stem-resources.html)Exploratorium
      Provides interactives, web features, activities, programs, and events for K-12. Saturday and Summer professional development workshops are available through the Teacher Institute.
    2. NASA — Educators
      Lesson plans, teacher guides, classroom activities, video clips, games, posters, and more for teachers and students in grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and higher education.
    3. eGFI: Dream Up the Future
      Promotes engineering education with K-5, 6-8, 9-12 lesson plans, activities, outreach programs, and links to web resources. Teachers and students can download the first three issues of eGFI magazine.
    4. Kinetic City
      Science games for students in grades 3-5. One activity asks students to replace the body systems of a character who sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The website requires free registration.
    5. National STEM Video Game Challenge
      Middle school (5-8), high school students (9-12), and educators are invited to design games that incorporate STEM content or STEM themes in innovative and engaging ways. Home schoolers are eligible to enter as well. Sign up to be notified about the 2013 competition.
    6. Master Tools
      Eight interactive math and science tools and simulations for students in grades 6-12. All simulations and curriculum materials meet the new National Science Education Standards and National Math Education Standards.
    7. Engineer your Life
      This guide introduces girls in grades 9-12 to young women engineers and highlights careers. A section for parent and counselors furnishes background in engineering to better advise students. The site has a link to a companion site for girls in grades 5-8.

    Professional Development:
    1. STEM Education Resource Center
      Provides nearly 4,000 science, technology, engineering and math resources forPreK-5, 6-12 as well as free, self-paced modules for teachers teaching global climate change to middle school and high school students.
    2. NASA ePDN - Electronic Professional Development Network
      NASA offers free online professional development certificate programs for K-12 teachers in robotics, statistics, project-based inquiry learning, and technology integration and self-directed courses in astrobiology, microgravity, and outer space environment.
    3. A Compendium of Best Practice K-12 STEM Education Programs ( PDF, 6.2 MB, 106 pgs.)
      All 38 K-12 STEM programs included in this report provide challenging content/curriculum, an inquiry-learning environment, defined outcomes/assessment, and sustained commitment/community support. Each program entry gives an overview, defines target population and learning environment, and presents highlights of results. Contact information is provided.

    1. STEM Educator Materials
      Download posters, educator guides with activities and age-appropriate career information for your students. All activities meet national education standards of learning for math, science and technical literacy. Registration is required but free.