• How Do I Get Trained?

    We provide multiple forms or modes of training throughout the calendar year.

    • Virtual Training is scheduled for the Thursday of every third week of the month during the school year.  Dates are posted on the calendar of this site, and prospective participants can register for the training directly through the calendar. (2 hour sessions)
    • Face-to-Face trainings are often offered at the beginning of the school year.  However additional trainings with a vendor from Blackboard or from A&IT is scheduled multiple times through the year.  Face-to-Face training can be scheduled directly with the district site administrator, Lindsey Sim Jordan Jr. (4 - 6 hour sessions)
    • At the school-level, Communications Ambassadors are authorized to provide training to their staff as a redelivery of the training that they have received. (1-2 hour sessions)

    Why Do Training Timeframes Vary?

    • Training timeframes vary depending upon the purpose of the training. Refresher trainings last between 1:30 - 2 hours.  User will have time to ask questions that best fit their needs and learning concerns.  These sessions can often be much shorter, and may constitute learners beefing-up their skills on a particular area of interest.
    • Vendor led trainings assume that users do not have any formal understanding of the application, and will be starting from scratch.  These training sessions are generally held at the beginning of the school year, away from the school or office.  The exstinsive, nearly all-day nature of the training, is designed to well-equip future communications ambassadors.
    • School-level trainings are generally held by Communications Ambassadors for their respective colleagues.  Such trainings may vary in timeframe and area of focus.  Updates or new features to the application are generally communicated and demonstrated to all users at the schools in this manner.