Gifted and Talented Program

  • GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) at Burgess Peterson


    Welcome to Gifted Education! Our gifted teacher at Burgess-Peterson is

    Megan Kiser

    Please reach out directly with any questions.


    How will my child be identified as gifted?  What does the screening process look like?


    Students can be referred for gifted eligibility testing in three ways:


    1. Parent Referral (referral window is open from Day 1 of school until September 30)
    2. Teacher Referral (teachers observe and report on Traits, Aptitudes,and Behaviors of giftedness for EVERY child on their roster.
    3. Automatic Referral (gifted teacher reviews all testing data to flag high achieving students to be tested for gifted eligibility)



    My child has been referred for gifted eligibility testing.  What does that mean?


    Your child has been referred by either a parent, a teacher, or by test data.  Now, your child will undergo a battery of tests administered by the gifted specialist.  There are four categories of giftedness that are tested at APS.  They are, Mental Ability, Achievement, Creativity, and Motivation.  Each of these criteria may take several test sessions.  Expect your student to have 6 test sessions with the gifted specialist.


    What test instruments are administered?


    Mental Ability-  Cognitive Ability Test or “CogAT” (takes 3 test sessions)

    Achievement-  Measures of Academic Progress or “MAP” (takes 2 test sessions)

    Creativity- Torance Test of Creative Thinking or “TTCT” (takes 1 test session)

    Motivation- GRS (teacher observation)



    How will my student be served by the gifted educator at Burgess Peterson?  How does that work with IB?


    At BPA, we have been implementing a gifted “resource” model, which means that gifted eligible students have been pulled out of their regular education classrooms for ONE full day per week.  As we move toward becoming an IB World School, the gifted specialist will be collaborating with homeroom teachers without having to pull students out of their normal classroom communities/routines.  We will begin to roll this model out in Grade 1 in Quarter 2 of the 2019-2020 school year, and gradually move toward full implementation over the next few school years until fully implemented throughout all grade levels. 


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