Fuel Focus  


    How do I gain access to FuelFocus to be able to pump gas?
    Please visit the APS form center.

    If I am outside of the metro-Atlanta area and I fuel up, how can I update my mileage in the system?
    Please visit the APS form center.

    Who do I call when I am locked out at the pump?
    Please contact Service Control at 404-802-5548 or 404-802-5509.

    Can I use the APS fuel card?
    Contact your department coordinator if the FuelFocus pump is unavailable and you are in need of an alternate fueling method.


    Our goal is to make district-wide fueling a more streamlined process.



    We welcome your questions and concerns. Please email us (transport@atlanta.k12.ga.us) if you have additional suggestions. You may also call (404) 802-5548.


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