Fuel Focus  


    As part of our promise to deliver greater efficiency, better accountability, and more cost-effective practices, the Transportation Fuel Management group wants you to know about some recently implemented changes.

    APS has introduced an enhanced metering and communications system to provide the district with real-time fuel management capabilities and measurement of consumables like gasoline, diesel, propane and more.

    For those who drive and maintain APS vehicles, there won’t be a significant change to your daily work. You’ll fill up at the pumps as you always have, but will “sign in” through a brief process (providing employee and vehicle information details) that allows the district to monitor fuel usage and vehicle maintenance.

    While the FuelFocus program will be invisible to most, the benefits are significant:


    Improved Accuracy. The verification of drivers and vehicles at the pump will ensure correct fueling.


    Real-time Data Integration at the pump.The verification of drivers and vehicles at the pump will


    Savings. The district will save up to 15% due to increased security, better billing data and decreased errors.


    The Environment. This program will allow the district to explore green fleet initiatives and alternative fuel options.



    If you have questions about the program, please email us at apsmaintenance@atlanta.k12.ga.us.


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