Selecting Courses for 9th Grade

  • The Course Request Form for rising 9th graders to request courses for the 2024-2025 school year is open! Please use the following documents for guidance and additional information while completing this form: 

    1. The Selecting Classes Presentation will walking you through completing the Course Request Form.
    2. MJHS Course Catalog, which contains descriptions of every course offered.
    3. The MJHS IB informational website.

    PLEASE NOTE that courses selected are requests, and do not represent a student's final schedule. We will do our best to honor requests, but there are NO GUARANTEES. Completing this form does not guarantee placement in the courses you are requesting.

    Selecting Your Core Academic Classes

    All MJHS 9th grade students take one full year of ELA, Math, and Science, and one semester of Social Studies in their 9th grade year. Students are able to take either general or honors classes in each of these core subject areas. It is not necessary for a student to take all on-level or all honors, but a student may choose a mixture based on their own academic strengths and interests. Honors classes expect a higher level of self-direction and self-discipline from students. Please know that it is NOT required to be in honors classes in order to be on track for participating in the IBDP program. It IS recommended that a student maintain a "B" average in their core subjects.

    In helping students to select the appropriate core classes, MJHS provides the following as guidance for honors or AP course placement:

    • Proficient or Distinguished in EOG assessments in the core subject;
    • Current grade of 85 or higher (or a grade of 4 or higher) in the core subject area.
    • In Reading or Math, a MAP Score of 76th percentile or higher, which is considered “above average.”
    • A GENUINE INTEREST and MOTIVATION to do well in the subject area.

    Know that these are general guidelines and not requirements.  Please discuss recommendations for placement with your child's current 8th grade teachers in the respective core subject areas. 

    One-on-One Scheduling Advisement Sessions

    Our goal is to meet virtually one-on-one with every rising 9th grade family zoned for MJHS for a brief scheduling advisement session.  For many students and parents, course selection can be an after thought. The MJHS counseling team wants to ensure that families understand the importance of the scheduling process and are taking the proper courses that match their academic ability, interests, and ultimately their college admissions/career goals. 
    Calendar appointment slots will be available in late February/early March via Calendly (we are currently holding meetings with our current 10th & 9th grade families).

    Rising 9th Graders from a Non-Feeder Middle School

    Students currently attending a school outside of APS or MJHS's feeder schools must register/enroll in school during the summer.  You are able to complete the above course request form now, and we will consider all requests. However, we are unable to "hold seats" or count you in our current course requests numbers since you are not enrolled.  We will do our best to give you the classes that you are requesting after you enroll, but we can make NO GUARANTEES as to the availability of the requested courses.

    For questions about zoning or enrollment, please visit the APS Enrollment & Registration page, or contact our Registrar.