It's time for ROUND 2 of the course selection process for next year’s classes!  

    To participate and see your requested course list for next year, you will use the ACADEMIC PLAN feature in Infinite Campus.  NOTE: Viewing this from a mobile device may be difficult and performance may be limited. It is recommended that the Academic Plan be utilized on a non-mobile device.

    1. Log into Infinite Campus through My Backpack.  
    2. At the bottom of the Menu on the left-hand side click "Academic Plan"

    academic plan

    2. When first accessing the Academic Planner, select the desired Post Grad Location (where student is going to attend college) and student’s Post Grad Plans. Click the NEXT button when finished.

     post grad plans


    3. Look for the column for the grade you/your student will be in NEXT year.  Review the list of courses for next year.  Don't worry if the following year's courses are incomplete.  Only look at the grade you/your student will be in NEXT year. 

    course plans

    4. If the course requests listed for next year are correct, STOP.  You do not need to do anything else.

    5. If you would like to make changes to your requested courses for next year, use THIS GOOGLE FORM to request a course be dropped or added.  Please remember that electives choices are often part of a career pathway. Students are encouraged to complete a career pathway (3 courses in one pathway area). Also remember that you should have a total of 16 classes, and year-long classes should be listed twice (once for each semester).  Finally, please pay special attention to any AP classes that you are taking.

    Changes must be requested by going to this link. The deadline to request changes during this round is FRIDAY, APRIL 23. Students must use the online request form; schedule changes that are emailed to counselors will not be accepted.

    If you have questions or need help, reach out to your Counselor!