• Junior Classroom Visits: Oct 4-18

    Counselors will be visiting Junior classrooms from October 4th through October 18th. During the classroom visits, students will schedule their 1-on-1 advisement meeting with their Counselor. The following topics will be presented:

    • APS Graduation Requirements
    • College Planning/Different Types of Colleges
    • College/Match & Fit
    • HOPE/Zell Miller Requirements
    • Understanding Weighted/Unweighted GPA
    • Official Transcript Review
    • 4-year academic planning
    • How to Schedule a 1:1 Meeting

  • Junior Grade Level Meetings: Oct 20-Nov 3

    What are junior grade level meetings?  All Juniors receive a 1-on-1 meeting with their counselor and families are invited! These 15 minute appointments will take place during October-November.
    Topics covered at the Junior appointments:

    • Courses needed for graduation in Jr & Sr years
    • Selecting courses for senior year
    • Understanding your GPA
    • HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarships
    • Pathway after high school

    Please use this link to schedule your junior meeting with your counselor. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend. If you do not schedule a meeting, a meeting time will be selected for you.  This appointment link is for JUNIORS ONLY.  If you are not a junior and would like to meet with your counselor, please go here

    *** PLEASE TAKE CARE TO SCHEDULE YOUR MEETING WITH THE CORRECT COUNSELOR, BASED ON YOUR LAST NAME Meetings scheduled with the incorrect counselor will be cancelled.  ***