Our Most Frequently Asked Questions – With Answers

  • How do I enroll my child at Slater Elementary?

    A quality education has the power to change a child’s future. Learn more about the enrollment schedule.

    Is Slater Elementary a charter school?

    Slater Elementary is not a charter school. We are a traditional neighborhood school that enrolls each and every student who lives in our attendance zone.

    How is Slater Elementary affiliated with Purpose Built Schools Atlanta?

    Atlanta Public Schools transitioned the management of Slater Elementary to Purpose Built Schools Atlanta in 2017 to help put students on a path to success. Purpose Built Schools Atlanta is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Slater Elementary School, Thomasville Heights Elementary School, Price Middle School and Carver STEAM Academy.

    How can I apply for a job at Slater Elementary?

    The key to our success is innovative, caring educators who come to school every day excited to put students – and their families – on a new trajectory. We’d love to hear from you! View Employment opportunities.