It's greater at Slater! We are T.H. Slater Elementary School, a Purpose Built School and home of the mighty Tigers. We proudly serve more than 500 students from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade.

    We are a learning community that is focused on creating a safe and nurturing environment for our students. Student excellence is our goal. We strive to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate that excellence through our tier 1 instructional program, various enrichment activities, and through extracurricular opportunities. Our students are provided with opportunities to develop skills around self-management, effective communication, empathetic collaboration, and critical thinking skills in order to participate positively in the global community.

    Our core values for students are:

    • Safety: We expect our students to behave in a manner that contributes to the creation of an environment that is physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe for themselves and their peers. 
    • Responsibility: We expect our students to take care of their belongings, to respect the property of others, and to fulfill their obligations to themselves and to others.
    • Respect: We expect our students to treat others as they wish to be treated. 
    • Achievement: We expect our students to give their best, daily. 
    • Leadership: We expect our students to act as leaders in the school and in the community. 

    Our core values are reinforced through the daily recitation of our Slater Student Creed: I am a bold future leader, a confident reader, and a limitless believer.