• math

    The Ready Mathema,cs | i-Ready program is used as a primary math instruc,onal
    resource. Additional resources used to support math instruction include IXL and
    the units of study developed by Atlanta Public Schools and the Georgia Department of
    Educa:on. This year marks the second year FLS will par,cipate in implemen,ng
    and strategically using strategies to improve numeracy PreK-5th.
    Moreover, My Math, Georgia Numeracy Project, and Do the Math are a few
    resources used to support students while providing targeting instruction to close
    the achievement gap is noted school-wide in numeracy.
    Mathematics practices include:
    o Standards-based instruction is the priority. The curricular resources are used
    to ensure that the standards are being taught.
    o Problem solving with student-shared strategies is included in math
    o The use of manipulative(s) is expected to be an integral part of all math
    o Using Guided Math instruction, teachers are able to work with small groups
    that are determined by scholars’ achievement levels and needs. This allows
    teachers to closely observe each  scholar's work, monitor scholar's attention, provide
    strong support for struggling learners, and provide extra challenges for
    proficient learners.

    Frank Lebby Stanton Elementary School teachers connect mathema,cs, literature,
    and writing. Students read literature that aid in understanding math concepts in a
    real world and/or fictional context. Writing is used to aid students in clarifying
    their own understanding of mathematics by organizing their ideas and thoughts
    more logically and structuring their conclusions in a more coherent way.