Atlanta Public Schools Science Units of Study is the core curriculum used to
    support the teaching of science at Frank Lebby Stanton Elementary School.
    Supplemental resources used to support the teaching of science include
    STEMScopes, 5-E Model, Study Island, Wonderopolis, and Brain Pop.
     Students, in grades Kindergarten – 5th, engage in science and engineering
    practices involving students:

    • analyzing and interpreting data
    • constructing explanations
    • designing soluHons
    • engaging in argument from evidence
    • planning and carrying out investigations
    • asking questions and redefining problems
    • using mathematics and computational thinking
    • obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

     Each student maintains an interactive notebook for the purpose of
    developing students’ thinking while making a deeper connection with
    students’ understanding of content. The science interactive notebook also
    provides writing opportunities for students to synthesize information
    learned and to use the text as a ready reference to support further learning.
    FLS students in grades 3rd – 5th participate in the annual school- based and district
    Science Fair.