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    Atlanta Public Schools Social Studies Units of Study is the core curriculum used to
    support the teaching of social studies at Frank Lebby Stanton Elementary School.
    Supplemental resources used to support learning include Social Studies Weekly,
    Gallopade, Britannica, Discovery Educa9on, Classroom – GA Public Broadcas9ng,
    Georgia Center for Assessment, Georgia Studies Collec9on, Georgia Virtual Field
    Trips, New Georgia Encyclopedia, and Our Arc of Constancy (New Georgia
    Encyclopedia) Brain Pop and Brain Pop, Jr.
    Social Studies Instruc0onal Framework
    ➢ Focus Lesson | Guided PracEce

    • Focus Lesson – Usually brief in nature, focus lessons engage
    students in the learning by building and/or acEvaEng
    background knowledge, establish/revisit rouEnes and
    expectaEons, establish the purpose for learning, and provide a
    mini-lesson based on standards.
    • Guided PracEce – gives students an opportunity to try out
    what the teacher modeled. While student are pracEcing (on
    their own, with a partner, or in a small group) the teacher
    listens in and coaches in order to scaffold the work.

    ➢ CollaboraEve PracEce – CollaboraEve pracEce involves engaging students.
    CollaboraEve learning involves students working in pairs or small groups to
    discuss concepts or find soluEons to problems.
    ➢ Independent PracEce – This part of a lesson ensures that students have a
    chance to reinforce skills and synthesize newly acquired knowledge by
    compleEng a task or series of tasks on their own independent of the
    Each student maintains an interacEve notebook for the purpose of developing
    students’ thinking while making a deeper connecEon of students’ understanding
    of content. The science interacEve notebook also provides wriEng opportuniEes
    for students to synthesize informaEon learned and to use the text as a ready
    reference to support further learning.