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    Student COVID-19 Screening and Immunization Guidance

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    Daily COVID-19 Screenings via HealthCheck:

    The safety of our staff and students is important to us, especially as we continue to navigate learning and teaching during a global pandemic. That’s why Atlanta Public Schools has partnered with Stratum Health Solutions to secure HealthCheck, an online tool that helps safeguard the health of students via daily wellness check-ins.

    Daily health screenings and temperature assessments have been the norm since in-person instruction resumed in 2021. The HealthCheck screener simplifies the process. 

    Parents of in-person learners are asked to respond to the five daily health screening questions quickly and easily before their student reports to school. 

    1. Have you (or your child if you are submitting a survey for them) not been fully vaccinated and had close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 mins) in the last 14 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or has any health department or health care provider been in contact with you and advised you to quarantine?
    2. Has your child had any signs or symptoms of a fever or have taken fever reducing medicine within the past 24 hours or had a temperature that is 100.4F or greater?
    3. Do you (or your child if you are submitting a survey for them) have any of these symptoms? Fever or chills ; New cough ; Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing ; Fatigue; New loss of taste or smell ; Sore throat ; Muscle or body aches ; Congestion or runny nose ; Headache ; Nausea or vomiting ; Diarrhea.
    4. Since last at school, have you (or your child if you are submitting a survey for them) been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have NOT completed the required isolation period?
    5. Have you (or your child if you are submitting a survey for them) taken a COVID-19 test and are awaiting results based on mild symptoms or overall feeling unwell?

    Based on responses, the tool will advise whether the child can attend school.

    HealthCheck Screening (existing users)

    HealthCheck Screening (new users)

    Note: New users must sign up using the proper facility code for their child's school.

     Mobile App

     The HealthCheck mobile application is also available for free download. Just search "HealthCheck app by Stratum" in the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iPhone).

     Frequently Asked Questions

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    Isolation Guidance:

    If you or your child is diagnosed with COVID-19, please notify your child’s school and the school nurse. Your child will NOT be able to attend school or school activities in-person until the recommended isolation period has been completed. The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) requires isolation for individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. You may find detailed DPH Isolation Guidance here.

    Quarantine Guidance:

    If your child has been around a person who has been confirmed as having COVID-19, you must follow quarantine guidance from public health officials. During the quarantine period, your child will NOT be able to attend school or school activities in-person until the recommended quarantine period has been completed. You will find detailed DPH Quarantine Guidance here.

    APS has compiled information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Board of Health, and other health officials on its Coronavirus webpage at www.atlantapublicschools.us/coronavirus. Just scroll down the page and you will find those resources.

    Thank you, in advance, for taking the necessary steps to help ensure that all students and staff members remain safe and healthy.  


    Immunization Compliance and Return to In-Person Learning 2021:

    Atlanta Public Schools reopened for in-person learning January 2021. Please take note of this essential reminder: Immunization compliance is a State requirement, and your child must be up to date with immunizations and have a valid certificate of immunization (Georgia Form 3231),religious exemption (Georgia Form 2208) or medical exemption on file to be eligible to participate in face to face instruction. 

    Please contact your school nurse with questions, or for more information on required vaccinations or locations where your child may receive a vaccination, visit the APS Website, https://www.atlantapublicschools.us/Page/61646.