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    Make Money For Fred A. Toomer ES, The Easy Way

    We know how important our school is to you. Now it’s easier than ever to make a positive impact on it. Georgia Natural Gas® (GNG) has launched the TrueBlue Schools™ Program. It’s a simple fundraising solution that lets Toomer ES parents, teachers, alumni and members of our local community support our school – just by choosing GNG!


    GNG’s goal is to raise $2,000,000 over the next two years for Georgia schools.


    Together we can make it happen!


    Here’s How It Works

    GNG will provide ongoing donations to Tooomer for every (existing and new) GNG customer who signs up for the TrueBlue Schools Program and designate Fred A. Toomer Elem. School as the school they wish to support.


    For every customer (existing and new) that signs up, GNG will –

    • Give Toomer Elem. School a one-time $25 donation per customer

    • Donate $5 for each month to Toomer Elem. School you are a GNG customer – up to $60 per year


    It’s just that simple! Anyone can participate, and the more people who sign up and select our school, the more money we receive. It’s easy and effective, and it feels good! We all want to see our kids succeed. Let’s make it happen together.

    Existing GNG Customers...
    Sign Up with GNG's TrueBlue Schools Program Today!
    (you will need your GNG account number when you sign up) 
    Not a GNG Customer?
    Once you become a new GNG customer...
    Sign up with GNG's TrueBlue Schools Program.


    Tell friends and other family members…http://trueblueschools.com/refer.asp

    Send the “Tell a Friend” email link/message to your email distribution list of friends and family, and ask them if they would designate Fred A. Toomer Elem. School as their GNG TrueBlue School.


    Want to watch the program’s overview video?