Student Outcomes-Focused Governance

  • In 2020, The Atlanta Board of Education began a shift in the way we govern. We have begun a process that prioritizes our work to focus on student outcomes above all else. This "Student Outcomes Focused Governance" framework, developed and facilitated by leadership from the Council of Great City Schools, centers the work of the Atlanta Board of Education on the vision and values expressed by our community in support of what we want our students to know and be able to do. The Goals give the Administration specific targets for achievement in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy Proficiency, Post-graduation Preparedness, and College and Career Readiness. The goals will call for percentage increases from 2019 to be met by 2026.

    The Guardrails reflect community values priorities and parameters in the areas of Innovation and Accountability.  The Guardrails prioritize needs assessments and fully supports, as prerequisites to high-impact interventions, and address Equity, Culture and Climate, and Stakeholder Engagement.


    Click here to view virtual community meetings providing updates on the Board's goals and guardrails. 





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Last Modified on April 9, 2024