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  • All Atlanta Board of Education meetings, other than executive sessions, shall be open to the public. Meetings are advertised by meeting notices posted at the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) Center for Learning and Leadership (CLL), notifications in the news media, and other appropriate means such as the APS Website. Opportunities for public comments shall be provided at one or more meetings prior to a meeting where official Board action is taken.

    Public comment opportunities are available for the Board to hear from interested members of the community. Board members do not provide responses or engage in direct conversation during public hearings. If stakeholders wish to receive an answer to a specific question, inquiries should be directed to the Board office. For public hearings and the monthly community meetings, stakeholders may request a response by completing a written comment form at the speaker sign-in table and/or submitting a dialogue using the Let's Talk application. In addition, members of the community may also submit public comments to the Board at the following email address:

  • Guidelines for Providing Public Comment at Committee Meetings

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