• Our Purpose 

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    Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy (CSKYWLA) was was founded with the objective of providing equal opportunities to all its female students. Since July 2016, the current principal Mrs. Eulonda Washington, along with the faculty and staff of CSKYWLA, has implemented initiatives to promote global awareness and academic excellence. Additionally, we seek to provide exposure and experiences to prepare all students for their future academic and career endeavors. The goal is to uphold the outstanding legacy of Mrs. Coretta Scott King by striving for excellence in all aspects of the academy's operations.  


    All CSKYWLA Scholars will be globally conscious college and career ready STEMinists!!


    Our mission is to develop globally competitive leaders by providing a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum.


    At the academy we say, "CSKYWLA", which means to be empowered by love, nonviolent social change, and scholarship.


    Empowering Every Girl, Every Day!


    Lady Eagle!


    Carnation Pink and Chocolate Brown

    Student Pledge

    I will be on top of my game 
    I will stand out and not just fit in 
    I will be the greatest influence 
    I will take charge of my life 
    I will go the for best and not settle for less 
    I will step up and take my throne 
    I will positively pressure my peers 
    I will leave common behind 
    I will reject commonality 
    I refuse to be ordinary 
    I refuse to be regular 
    I will distinguish myself 
    I will elevate my thinking 
    I will set the rules 
    I will recreate the norm 
    I will devastate mediocrity 
    I will not cheat 
    I will not take short cuts 
    I will make the grade 
    I will take responsibility for my actions 
    I will lead the way

    Student Creed

    As much as I attempt to calm the chaos around me called life, 
    I can't. 
    I can only control myself. 
    However, I have been told countless times that I am 
    Intelligent, courageous, strong and beautiful 
    So from this moment on, ever indelible mark I make 
    Upon myself or my community will embody a piece of me. 
    This indelible mark will embody intelligence, courageousness, 
    Strength and beauty because they are what make ME!