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Arts Integration

  • HAES is the first Atlanta Public School to implement arts integration.
  • The arts integration model supports infusing arts and content area standards to increase student engagement and achievement.​
  • We believe in integrating arts education into our school through dynamic partnerships.
  • Studies show that students’ involvement in the visual and performing arts impacts their achievements in core academic subjects.
  • Arts are integrated with subjects such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics to improve outcomes for all students.
  • Students meet dual learning objectives when they engage in the creative process to explore connections between an art form and another subject area to gain greater understanding in both.
  • "Arts education enables those children from a financially challenged background to have a more level playing field with children who have had those enrichment experiences,'' says Eric Cooper, president and founder of the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education.


Art Forms offered at HAES:





Digital Arts

Visual Arts