• What is the Believe In Benteen School Foundation?

    The Benteen Foundation was formed as a nonprofit in 2019 by a group of committed parents, staff, and community members to serve as a support organization for the Benteen Elementary community. As a Title I school, the foundation is designed to bridge the gap between student needs at Benteen Elementary and the funding received each year by Atlanta Public Schools and the State of Georgia. Funds are raised through monetary donations and 100% is kept within the school for enhanced academic engagement and student support.


    How does our Foundation work in partnership?

    Foundation Partnership


    How does the Foundation benefit our school?

     The Foundation is a non-profit organization that supplements curriculum materials, not covered by city or state funding. These funds will be used to enhance our children's learning experience at Benteen.


    Our major priorities include:

    • Individualized attention to our children by providing additional teacher/technology support

    • Support for Atlanta's newest dual language immersion program

    • Expand access to extracurricular activities, instructional programming and materials, and strategic capital improvements


    How can you support the Foundation?

    To request more information, please email - benteenfoundation@gmail.com

    To donate, please click below: