Mrs. Woolfolk
    Dr. Margul Retha Woolfolk, Principal



    “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” -Albert Einstein

    Dear Students, Parents, Partners and Community,

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 M. Agnes Jones (MAJ) school year! Once again, I am very excited to serve as your principal.  Holding the academic and social-emotional needs of EVERY student in my hands and heart is a very serious matter. I promise to ensure that our learning environment is one that helps each child grow to their highest potential.

    A GROWTH mindset is one that MAJ embraces as we push the students, parents, community and one another to move beyond where we are and set our sights on greater laurels. Even though the Georgia Department of Education recognizes our school as a “Beating the Odds” school, my personal goal for the school is one that ensures our students are achieving and competing on the highest levels possible.

    To accomplish this goal for the 2018 -2019 school year, I am appealing to each and every one of you to support the children and the school as we move beyond the ordinary and strive for even higher GREATNESS. First, students must understand that we are a MAJ family that respects and cares for one another. We are happy for others, but more importantly, we are here to support and encourage one another to be their BEST. This goal also needs parental involvement to support their child in the classroom and throughout the school, i.e., ensuring homework is completed, attending the Academic Parent Teacher Team meetings, using the school's learning technology learning tools (IXL), supporting class projects and having regular discussions with their child about the learning occurring in school.

    Our partners (Georgia-Pacific, Georgia State University, Spelman Bonner Scholars, Shiloh and Friendship Baptist Churches, Chick-fil-A, Arthur Blank Foundation, Westside Future Funds) are continuing to support our academic and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives. They have accepted our challenge and want to help our students achieve at high levels too!

    The achievement bar is continuing to increase with the Georgia Department of Education criteria, such as the CCRPI scores. Therefore, WE MUST BE READY to put our best efforts forward in making consistent improvements.



     Margul Retha Woolfolk

    Margul Retha Woolfolk, Ph.D.