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    Just like any other skill, learning to read requires a balance between motivation, quality instruction, and effective practice. If we have only one or two of these elements, then students will not learn to read well. Accelerated Reader is a program that motivates students to practice in an effective manner. Effective practice contains the following elements:
    • It must be at the right level of difficulty for the individual.
    • It must be sustained for a sufficient amount of time.
    • It must be guided by the instructor.
    • It must be enjoyable enough to sustain.

     We have found that Accelerated Reader is an excellent method of ensuring that our students achieve effective practice of their reading.

    Students select and read books, then take a brief comprehension quiz on the computer. AR scores and tracks the results, allowing teachers to monitor and individualize students' reading instruction. Accelerated Reader offers quizzes on more than 140,000 different books, in both English and Spanish.
    Here is a link to a flyer that shows how students can take an AR quiz Accelerated Reader.

     Accelerated Reader Home Connect!
    Parents, now you can find out about your child's independent reading and track their scores. Enter this link wherever you access the Internet:  https://Hosted115.renlearn.com/51385/HomeConnect. You access the site using your child's user name and password.  

    Use this website to find good books to read:   http://www.arbookfind.com/
    For information about the effectiveness of AR: http://www.renlearn.com/success/ar.aspx