• Below are the members of the 2019-2020 PTA Board at Toomer Elementary. If there is a specific intiative that a board member is a part of, it will be listed next to their name. To be connected to any of these efforts please email fatepta@gmail.com!


    Kelly Alexander, 2nd grade parent (Sustainability & PreK Liasion & Fall Festival Representative) 

    Erica Arey, 1st grade parent (PreK Liasion)

    Molly Bassett, 1st grade parent (Fundraising & Teacher Birthday Celebrations)

    Andrea Bastek, 1st grade parent (Finances & Fall Festival Representative) 

    Bianca Betts, K and 4th grade parent (Outreach & Advocacy)

    Stacey Blackford, 1st and 3rd grade parent (Box Tops & Fundraising)

    Becca Bray, 2nd grade parent (Events & Communications)

    Marc Clear, 1st grade parent (Service Projects & School Beautification)

    MaryEllen Clear, 1st grade parent (Donor Thank Yous & Events)

    Betsy Collins, 2nd grade parent (Outreach & Community Liaison)

    Herbert Gilmore, community member (Community Liaison)

    Azaelia Green, 1st grade parent (Events & Outreach)

    Cathy Harper, 2nd grade parent (GO Team Liaison)

    Tiffany Holbrook, 1st grade parent (Communications & Graphic Design)

    Jon Holbrook, 1st grade parent (Fundraising & Communications & Events)

    Pharron Jones, 3rd grade parent (Events)

    Megan Key, K parent (Communication & Events)

    DeShane Matthews, community member (Outreach & Community Liaison)

    Jill Neff, 2nd grade parent (Community Coffees)

    Betsy Prueter, 2nd grade parent (Events & Communications & Outreach)

    Jessica Rollin, K parent (Events)

    Francois Rollin, K parent (Sustainability & Fundraising)

    Tessa Scanlon, 1st grade parent (Events)

    Luke Scanlon, 1st grade parent (Dine Outs)

    Douglas Thornton, community member (Outreach & Community Liaison)

    Shawn Walls, 3rd grade parent (PTA Merchandise Management & Events)

    Bob Wyllie, 2nd grade parent (Events & Fundraising)