• Our parent network is FREE to join! Please complete the PTA's Parent Network membership form linked below to join us and stay in the loop on events, volunteer opportunities, and community resources!

    PTA's Parent Network Membership Form
    Official membership in the PTA costs $6 and can be purchased with the link below. A portion of all memberships supports our school!  
    What does the PTA do?
    • We help to raise the profile of Toomer and act as ambassadors to the community.
    • We help build relationships between and among Toomer parents and families. 
    • We provide or create resources for the community. 
    • We support school events and programming with volunteers, funding, and promotion.
    • We fund teacher appreciation efforts at the school via crowdfunding and business sponsorship.
    • We help facilitate communication from the school to parents and the larger community.
    • We advocate for parent voices representing Toomer’s diverse communities to be heard and recognized.